International Preactor

Preactor is an advanced planning and scheduling software company located in London, England. It has more than 10,000 implementations in 100 countries through multiple resellers worldwide. More than 50 support and product development engineers work in the parent office. (

Optimal Value ( started the representation of Preactor in Mexico since 2000, under the name Buro de Sistemas Inteligentes. Previously, we worked as consultants for several similar APS products in the United States and Latin America in various industries.

Preactor is a “custom waze for the factory”; In other words, it is a system to automatically resolve and control the traffic of materials through manufacturing processes to ensure that production orders are delivered on time to customers.

Preactor is not an ERP, but it connects with any ERP (or Excel) to optimize and automate the logistics process programming in a very short time window. In a few minutes Preactor processes orders to balance materials and capacities and automatically solve all the factory's productive activities and communicate them to the executing areas.


The programming of operations is very complex because conditions continually change and it is necessary to incorporate many calculations and processes in very short windows of time: incoming orders, capacities, inventories, calendars and a number of restrictions that make the solution difficult.


Preactor continuously monitors and rearranges these processes with optimization algorithms, and allows the user to interact graphically with the resulting plans and indicators and intervene directly in the suggested system solutions.

The impact of planning systems is very significant since they resolve and control factory decisions a priori and automatically, unlike ERPs that normally have very limited planning modules and require us to manually load decisions operational.

Preactor is fully flexible in configuration and algorithms, and allows the user to automate multiple flows and decision and operation alerts optimizing the company's economic resources.

  1. Reduction of delivery times
  2. Increased capacity utilization and reduced setups
  3. Speed ​​to solve comprehensive plans in seconds
  4. Inventory reduction and cost optimization
  5. Reduction in capital expenditures


Preactor was acquired in 2012 by Siemens as part of its industrial technology product portfolio.

Siemens is the leading sensor and infrastructure hardware supplier for machinery in factories worldwide, so there is high synergy between Siemens automation and sensor devices and Preactor process programming functions: Siemens executes and feed back the production programs that Preactor solves. (

Also, Siemens promotes Preactor as an axis of the concept of digital factory that predicts the high automation and digital interconnection of interconnected manufactures worldwide. This initiative known as Industry 4.0 is currently booming in multiple industries.


Leading companies from all industrial sectors use Preactor to solve their processes and operations. Due to its high flexibility and adaptability Preactor APS is used in all these industries:

Transport - Aerospace - Plastics - Cosmetics - Food - Metals - Automotive Pharmaceutical - Packaging - Printing - Materials - Electronics - Furniture - Textile - Distribution - Metalworking


Preactor Mexico Experience

Prior to Preactor, our consultants have international experience with leading companies in advanced planning systems such as Logility, i2 Technologies, SKEP, SAP APO, Oracle, Manugistics. These systems are much more expensive than Preactor and less flexible, so we successfully transfer the most advanced technology and practices of the PHC industry to an adaptable low-cons system such as Preactor and thereby offer a highly competitive offer to the industrial sector of SME companies.

Optimal Value was founded by Ing. Enrique Barraza, Doctor in Operations Research from Stanford University and CPIM from APICS. Having worked for more than 15 years in the development of customized logistics optimization mathematical systems with more than 100 manufacturing companies worldwide, it is positioned as the main supplier of Preactor in Mexico since 2010.


X3ntaur platform

As of 2016 Optimal Value begins the consolidation of the X3ntaur web platform as an innovative software project in saas mode, in order to meet the requirements of customers dispersed in multinational factories. Bringing together more than 20 years of designs and algorithms, and an international development team X3ntaur is structured as a solution that accompanies Preactor in order to simplify the communication between Preactor and the factory achieving a flexible and intuitive scaling.


X3ntaur complements the tools that normally ensures the results of the APS programming: mrp, floor control, kpis and various communication tools with apps, sensors and automation scripts that are hosted in a AWS server and they are connected directly to Preactor.

Work Team and Methodology

Optimal Value has several methodologies and work tools that have been refined over the years in multiple projects. Through the application of digital documentation, elearning and scheduling platforms, customized development and training processes are developed for each client that are adapted and validated based on their needs.

Our engineers are rigorously selected and trained in integral disciplines of process engineering and programming of multiple languages and algorithms, with which an adaptive management of our solutions to the customer environment is achieved.

Previous Results

  1. 100% improvement in solution time and planning calculations
  2. 25% improvement in deliveries on time
  3. 25% reduction in delivery time
  4. 25% improvement in inventory and use
  5. Long-lasting custom system in continuous use

Some Companies Served

Tupperware - Crocs - Grupo Modelo - Envases Polykon - CCL Container - CCL Label - CCL Autopartes - CCL Electronica - CCL Film Rolls - Jafra Cosmeticos - Eli Lilly - Laboratorios Grossman - Casa de Moneda de Mexico - Maxim Semiconductor - Textron Autopartes - Impresora Coyoacan - Uquifa Farmaceutica - Siemens Switches Monterrey - Siemens Engines Guadalajara - Siemens Transformadores Queretaro - Galas de Mexico - Maxion Inmagusa Autopartes - Enkador Textil - Safran Aeroespacial - Engranes Engramex - Crisa Vidrio - Alcan Packaging