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Preactor is an Advanced Planning System for factories to continuously synchronize production schedules and materials while taking into account priorities, finite capacity constraints and real-time incoming events.

All In One System

Advanced planning technology solves the whole Process Chain in seconds: Scheduling, Material Allocation, Shop Floor Tracking, Maintenance, Demand Planning etc

  • Gain a 360 degree vision of all the planning and production within your company
  • Clear up Bottlenecks and minimize setbacks to increase productivity
  • Eliminate waste and rework
  • Expedite purchasing, maintenance, floor control, costs, demand, materials and production schedules

Flexible Custom

Flexible Software that continuously synchronizes to any company

  • Customized restrictions and priorities
  • Personalize tables, calculations and views to better control critical variables within the business
  • Incorporate all finite capacity and material constraints to avoid rework and sole real plans in seconds
  • Includes 6 Programming Languages to personalize your processes

Digital Manufacturing

Capture Real Time Events using RFID Sensors to Automatically Monitor and Adjust Plans

  • Configure events on the production floor to expedite required adjustments to schedules and materials
  • Instantly communicate changes to all areas to better allocate resources
  • Instant KPI monitoring
  • Use sensors and RFIDs to minimize manual workload and errors

High Performance

Apply algorithms to maximize throughput, profitability and on-time delivery

  • Choose Between Algorithms to Maximize Cash, Throughput or Cost
  • Increase OEE by Adding Setups and Restrictions to your Calculations
  • Foresee Resource Planning to Anticipate Errors and Mitigate Emergencies
  • Simulate Strategies and compare costs


Preactor Alerts, Adjusts and Executes Based on you Rules and Priorities

  • Create macros to reduce work and process repetitive tasks
  • Adjust schedules and communicate changes with a few clicks
  • Prevent errors and play with resource activation rules

Interactive Synchronization

Easily execute large scale tasks to solve overall problems and Bottlenecks

  • Improve communications factory-wide while constantly monitoring and sharing alerts and tasks
  • Re-arrange issues to be solved, bases on priority on the spot
  • Choose between preset options to quickly solve any situation

Industry 4.0

Preactor APS interacts continuously with platforms, mobile devices and sensors to provide a smart, reactive and flexible environment that links live factory events to algorithms so that materials, resources and processes are coordinated with less effort .

Get to Know Preactor

Our Presentation, Top of the Line in APS

Preactor Features

  • Relevant impact within weeks for 50 KPIs
  • Automatic and intuitive tool to solve all production planning needs
  • Classifies problems for automatic adjustments
  • Events and data recorded from the operation floor through sensors, Apps and RFIDs
  • Evaluates thousands of scenarios in seconds to determine the best production plan
  • Preactor balances finite capacity resources to maximize throughput and reduce delivery time
  • Advanced Planning Through Digital Manufacturing
  • Keep track of everything happening in the factory in Real-Time



Preactor Significantly impacts more than 50 KPIs in your business, including: throughput, inventory costs, planning time, costs and capital expenditure:it provides faster customer service by optimizing your current resources .

  • Solves plans with shorter delivery times and compliance dates
          that allow a greater quantity of deliveries and better
          customer service.

  • Eliminates costs by significantly reducing inventories, shortages,
          overtime, urgent shipments and the time you spend updating spreadsheets.

  • Create accurate production schedules
          to be published online in Real-Time

Any Company Size, Any Industry

Having more than 10,000 users in over 100 countries Preactor is the APS that is most widely used around the world. Having more than 30 years experience in solving processes for any type of industry.

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